business people

by rat party

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released April 23, 2014

Rat Party was
alex / mike / alex / tony

recorded and mixed December 2013 by Maus at Red Lantern, Portland
Mastered by Ryan Abbott at Side Two, Boston



all rights reserved


rat party Portland, Oregon

high fucking voltage

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Track Name: What Can I Do?
no news bears repeating
past still moving, baby, I can't feel it
can't leave and I can't stay
can't wait for another day
hate death, worship weakness
taxman's coming, baby- what's your function?
I'm only living for your total destruction-
I'm so afraid...

can't stop when I know I'm beaten
fuck it all and let them pick up the pieces
fall in line, man- listen to reason...
I can't behave...
no truth, only gravity's sinking
I'm so cold, baby- I can't feel it...
try to kill it, fight it, fuck it and drink it...
won't go away...

you can't escape the past
you see the future going by
you can't escape from the past
it doesn't mean you shouldn't try...

I can't ignore the darkness
we've got a give and take relationship
but when it hits me the hardest I'm like
"what can I say, what can I do?"
I want to tear the lights out
to let you see the way the world goes around...
you're stuck in a harness,
asking "what can I say, what can I do?"

I don't care about the consequence
I do, I don't- it doesn't make a difference...
Track Name: Is That So Cold?
I wanna care what love is
why does it feel so useless?
if I was born to be a king
I'm running out of excuses...
like I'm walking in the dark
and every day just bleeds into the last one
I want to tear this place apart
I'm holding myself from myself for a ransom

is that so cold?
but I don't need you, baby...
I need self control...
maybe I'm just too damn stupid?
I'd let it go, but I don't know the taste of it
I'd give my life to make it, babe- don't let me down...

give me just one moment
a brief pause in the laws of the universe
it happened just like I wrote it
wild eyed, stare into the void with a killer thirst...
I want to burn this whole world
to prove that life isn't worth anything at all
I give it out, collect it, it's coming back around...

I'm not free cuz I'm not cheap
and girl, you can't have me until I figure it out...
maybe I'm just too damn stupid...
give it up, just accept that you're going to lose
but are you worth my life, girl? prove it-
are you down?

is that so cold?
Track Name: High Life
high rise, you live in the sky
like you think it'll last
no dice, not enjoying my life-
I'm only waiting for the imminent crash
you're not a kid anymore, there's no playing
no more fucking around...
oh yes, it's great to be poor
you can't take it- but there's nothing else to be found

hands tied, baby you know why
but the profits are filtering down
can't accept that you're living a lie so you try to tune it out
you're not a kid anymore there's no playing
no more fucking around
oh yes it's great to be poor- you can't make it
but there's nothing else to be found...
and we'll be the kings of the town
while you are living in the past...

honor roll
they want your soul
and all it takes is a shake of the hand
and baby, you're sold...
Track Name: Psychic Communication
encoded in our language
are blocks to understanding
through repetition fear is taught
this is an ancient magic
it can be overturned
by taking thoughts and words apart

folding time
strangle lines
see word and image drop
in knowing light
the knowing mind
begins then, to evolve

words are representations
and when we break them down
the structures then begin to fall
reality subjective;
do you KNOW peace or war?
what happens when the loop has stopped?

the systems that control your world
subvert and destroy

psychic communication...
redefine your world.
Track Name: Don't Listen
I just wanna stop it
is this what you promised?
desperate, hold on to control
discipline and punish
it's too late to turn around
there's no place to go
desperate- ask me what I want
I don't fucking know...

but I don't want to wait around for something new
and I don't want to settle out to be like you

edicts of control:
freedom to be owned
free to choose from A or B
predetermined goals

when they say they're better than you
you're so worried that it might be true
they're all lining up, taking their sides
telling you to compromise

I turn on, I turn off
attachment to all of these dreams
if image is reality, then what I need
is you to BE.

don't expect representation
bullshit world of com-modification
reject bullshit assimilation and illegitimate rule.