What Can I Do?

from by rat party



no news bears repeating
past still moving, baby, I can't feel it
can't leave and I can't stay
can't wait for another day
hate death, worship weakness
taxman's coming, baby- what's your function?
I'm only living for your total destruction-
I'm so afraid...

can't stop when I know I'm beaten
fuck it all and let them pick up the pieces
fall in line, man- listen to reason...
I can't behave...
no truth, only gravity's sinking
I'm so cold, baby- I can't feel it...
try to kill it, fight it, fuck it and drink it...
won't go away...

you can't escape the past
you see the future going by
you can't escape from the past
it doesn't mean you shouldn't try...

I can't ignore the darkness
we've got a give and take relationship
but when it hits me the hardest I'm like
"what can I say, what can I do?"
I want to tear the lights out
to let you see the way the world goes around...
you're stuck in a harness,
asking "what can I say, what can I do?"

I don't care about the consequence
I do, I don't- it doesn't make a difference...


from business people, released April 23, 2014



all rights reserved


rat party Portland, Oregon

high fucking voltage

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