Is That So Cold?

from by rat party



I wanna care what love is
why does it feel so useless?
if I was born to be a king
I'm running out of excuses...
like I'm walking in the dark
and every day just bleeds into the last one
I want to tear this place apart
I'm holding myself from myself for a ransom

is that so cold?
but I don't need you, baby...
I need self control...
maybe I'm just too damn stupid?
I'd let it go, but I don't know the taste of it
I'd give my life to make it, babe- don't let me down...

give me just one moment
a brief pause in the laws of the universe
it happened just like I wrote it
wild eyed, stare into the void with a killer thirst...
I want to burn this whole world
to prove that life isn't worth anything at all
I give it out, collect it, it's coming back around...

I'm not free cuz I'm not cheap
and girl, you can't have me until I figure it out...
maybe I'm just too damn stupid...
give it up, just accept that you're going to lose
but are you worth my life, girl? prove it-
are you down?

is that so cold?


from business people, released April 23, 2014



all rights reserved


rat party Portland, Oregon

high fucking voltage

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